Gedarata Kiri Fresh Milk now available in Colombo, Kottawa & Matara
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Lucky Lanka Milk Processing Company Newly Introduced "UHT" Milk Packet from low price.

Mr.Lal keerthi Gunwardhana (Chairman of the Lucky Lanka Group of Companies) was wininng the Platinum Award From Sri Lanka Entreprenuer of the year Ceromony.

Conduct awareness programmes for school children on importance of physical & mental Health
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Company has started the journey back in 1991 as small scale business
  Lucky Vision  
  2020 Global Lucky  
  Lucky Mission  
  Creation of healthy generation towards prosperous future in Sri Lanka  
  Lucky objectives  
To provide the best quality, high nutritious all natural and certified products.
To make our consumers and milk producers aware on the value of protecting the environment and of supporting family farmers , sustainable & productive farming methods
To serve as an environmental friendly business model which is sustainable and being socially responsible that will also be profitable
To provide a healthful, productive, enjoyable and pleasant work place for all employees, accompanied by skills development and career advancement opportunities.
To recognize & fulfill our obligations towards the stakeholders and lenders by providing an excellent return on their investment.
Directors Message  
Being a son of proud motherland Sri Lanka, I am delighted of becoming the Founder of an agro-based business,Lucky Lanka Milk Processing Company Limited, which is located in a remote village like Kamburupitiya of Matara district in Southern province where far from the Capital City of the country. The reason why I am delighted is our business provides the path towards the prosperity of the country through economic advancement of all the stakeholders including farmers, direct & indirect employees, suppliers etc involved in our business. According to the historical legend, the cow is considered as a sacred animal because of its invaluable uses provided to the human. It is a pleasure to be engaged in an industry, which is related to the so-called sacred cow in proud Sri Lankan History.
The small business started with a single household cow, has been sprouted throughout the country with the involvement of thousands of milk farmers, hundreds of employees and many of suppliers up to a national enterprise by now. Traditional Sri Lankan Hospitality blended with international sophisticated food technology well packed in Lucky Yoghurt in order to optimize customer hospitality, Lucky seven flavors are presented in an attractive Ready To Serve and single serving package system.
Milk considered to be of high nutritional value food material is processed and further developed so that the nutritional value & taste is enhanced and presented in a different form to the customers. Not only yoghurt is a high nutritional food but also it consists of medicinal value too. It provides protection to the human body against different diseases as well. Since milk provides the best favorable media for microbial growth, greater care should be provided throughout the manufacturing process of these products. Well-qualified Staff ensures the quality of incoming raw materials and the final products through continuous inspection, monitoring and laboratory testing including chemical & microbiological testing of each batch. Product quality is maintained according to the Sri Lankan Quality Standards [SLS] 824 right throughout the manufacturing process. Sophisticated machinery further ensures the best product quality. Technical know-how and the technical assistance are always upgraded through national and international expertise on dairy technology. Continuous in-house research & development activities are undertaken in order to expand the existing product range simultaneously.
Being a national industry, which makes the path towards the prosperity of the country, our major objective is to make social & economic enhancement of our stakeholders. Farmer awareness programs on obtaining best quality high milk yield are conducted for the milk farmers. Farmer insurance scheme is being planned for the milk farmers. Different social development activities are undertaken through local governmental and private sector organizations. Our ultimate objective is to maximize the satisfaction & utility provided through our products to our customers while steering the country towards the prosperity with the achievement of greater share in domestic and international markets within next few years.

Lal Keerthi Amarasiri Gunawardhane
Chairman of Lucky Lanka Group of Companies

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