Gedarata Kiri Fresh Milk now available in Colombo, Kottawa & Matara
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Lucky Lanka Milk Processing Company Newly Introduced "UHT" Milk Packet from low price.

Mr.Lal keerthi Gunwardhana (Chairman of the Lucky Lanka Group of Companies) was wininng the Platinum Award From Sri Lanka Entreprenuer of the year Ceromony.

Conduct awareness programmes for school children on importance of physical & mental Health
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  Vanilla Yogurt
Made with pasteurized, organic skim milk, live active Bulgaricus, and Thermophilus cultures live yoghurt cultures, and permitted vanilla flavors. A firm textured yoghurt with custard-like consistency and an appealingly gentle, mellow flavor.
  Strawberry Yogurt
  Wow ! Fabulous and newest Strawberry yoghurt 90g pinky cup, exciting new addition to Lucky Yoghurt Family, so make sure to check it out at your nearest retailer.
  Treacle Yogurt
  Feel our tradition with innovative Lucky Treacle Yoghurt. It has an incredibly smooth and creamy texture and has the same great taste you expect from Traditional 'Kiri Pani'.
  Low Fat Yogurt
  Are you looking for new healthy yoghurt? Lucky introduce a new healthy low fat yoghurt, especially for Health Lovers. It is heart healthy because it is free of saturated fat and low in Cholesterol.

Fresh Fruit Yogurt

  The wholesomeness of yoghurt with the decadence of fresh fruit together for the first time. In a 90g dessert size. Pineapple, Mango, Banana, and other Sri Lankan fresh fruits incorporate with fresh milk

Chocolate Flavoured Yogurt


Fruit Jelly Yoghurt


Fruit Jelly Yoghurt is one of the favorite Lucky products, with submerged fruits in a Jelly layer with yoghurt.


Kiri Kiri Yoghurt


Kiri Kiri is the novel brand of Lucky Lanka introducing new vanilla yoghurt and pasteurized milk sachets to Sri Lankan consumers.


Pasteurized Milk


Keerasa Yoghurt Drink bottle

Lucky Sterilized Milk 500ml

Lucky Milk Toffee


Drinking Packets


Flavoured Drinking Bottles

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